Special Corporate Recovery Event

Anxiety disorders recover retreats - Developed for busy business people.


This Retreat will immerse you in a simple and enjoyable process of anxiety elimination that will cause the anxiety to simply and naturally 'fade away'.

All attendees sign NDA's so confidentiality is assured - everyone attending will be in the exact same position, there to understand their condition and to understand and implement the recovery process.

This corporate version of our world renowned event is for people working within businesses who need a quick-fix to their anxiety related conditions.

Bookings are on a 'first-come-first-serve' basis as places are limited.

As always, the Retreat will include:

- Accommodation at The Elms Retreat and Spa
- All meals, refreshments and snacks
- Free access to the spa facilities
- The Recovery programme delivered by our psychological team
- Lifetime access to our web-app recovery and life-coaching portal
- Classes - Designed to expedite and augment your recovery
- Ongoing unlimited support from our team

What conditions do we address?

Anxiety Disorder
Panic Disorder/Panic Attacks
School Phobia
Separation Anxiety
Social Phobia
Derealisation / Depersonalisation
Health Anxiety
Fear of Dying
Emetophobia (Fear of vomiting)
Pure O 
Eating disorders
Depression / low mood

In fact, any condition of the emotions.

For availability, fees or more information...

Contact Retreat Director Jo Goodchild