About Us

Hi, I am Beth Linden, coordinator and director of the Retreats programmes.

Our programme's success is built on the foundation of providing constantly high results, qualified guidance and unique and curatively successful Retreat and Workshop programmes.

Our programme of recovery has been developed over 24 years. Over 320,000 clients from around the world have become anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD and symptom free quickly and permanently using our unique treatment method.

Our unique programme and service has established us as a recognised, psychologist endorsed and respected treatment option for private individuals, psychologists, psychiatrists, the NHS, businesses and doctors across the UK and the rest of the world.

Our team of qualified psychologists, counselors and coaches will guide you through your journey to fast and permanent recovery in a relaxing and life changing experience.

Developed by Charles Linden, my husband, developer of The Linden Method and psychologist and head of Linden Method support, psychologist, Jenny Saunders, our anxiety Retreats and Workshops provide sufferers with the opportunity to receive 1 to 1 guidance as Charles' program creates, what he calls, 'the environment for recovery'; a physical and psychological place where anxiety levels realign to your 'birth pre-set'.

"I have been asked many times, 'If you were given a room full of 1000 anxiety disorder sufferers, how many would you be able to cure?'

The answer is always simple... 'all of them.'

I know that the process I teach clients reverses the formation of anxiety conditions by mimicking the natural human process that is the only solution to anxiety disorders.

There is no other cure... every sufferer has to go through this process to recover, all we do is 'force' the formation of that process and cause recovery to happen right now. It's simple, it's fast and its permanent. But best of all, it works every single time."

Charles Linden


The Anxiety Recovery Retreat Team

Charles Linden - Programme developer and director of The Linden Centres
Beth Linden - Retreat Programme Coordinator and director of The Linden Centers
Jenny Saunders Psychologist MSc - Head of support - Retreat program lead educator
Kathy Donovan - Counselor & Linden Method Specialist - Assistant Program Educator
Sheila Darley - Counselor/Linden Method Specialist - Assistant Program Educator
Jackie Anderson - Retreat p
rogram host.

Plus a variety of dietary, wellbeing and other guest specialists.