Charles' Fast Track to Recovery Seminar

Charles utilises his time with you to present his take on how he and all his clients have created recovery, sometimes in just hours.

Charles experiences with his own 27 year disorder and the recovery he created in days will be communicated to you directly by Charles himself and you will be given the opportunity to stop him at any time, ask questions, challenge him and benefit from all his years helping thousands of clients to recover.

The Fast Track Seminar will give you very specific guidance and reassurance, leaving 'no stone unturned' and no question unasked.

Charles' knowledge and his ability to communicate the truth about anxiety conditions is second to none so don't miss the opportunity to have this time with one of the world's most respected anxiety specialists.

You will definitely leave knowing exactly what to do to be anxiety free. Charles will make sure of that.

Charles, beth and the teem will be there to reassure, guide and support you and any loved ones who attend with you.

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