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Jemma Kidd used The Linden Method -

"It's amazing, it really sorted me out!"

Photo: Jemma Kidd (now Jemma Wellesley,
Countess of Mornington) sister of
supermodel Jodie Kidd.

Jemma Kidd says, "Panic attacks ruled my life for years. I'd really like to raise more awareness of them; I think something like one in five people have them. They just shatter your life. My twenties were really tough because of them - I was very, very fearful and scared of doing everything. I couldn't go to the supermarket, I couldn't go to crowds - I was very isolated and just stayed at home for a long time. It's a fear of having them, you know when you have them it's horrible, but then you live in fear of having one and that's crippling. There's a wonderful guy called Charles Linden who wrote The Linden Method, if you have panic attacks you should look at his website. It's amazing - it really sorted me out."