The Anxiety & Panic Disorders Workshop Program

For the treatment of anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, PTSD, Health Anxiety & Pure O

What do you receive?

  • Lunch and refreshments

  • Anxiety recovery sessions with our qualified Anxiety Disorder Recovery Professionals             
  • Sessions covering anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, Pure O, Health Anxiety, derealization/depersonalization & PTSD recovery

  • 'Fast Track' guidance to speed up recovery

  • The Full Linden Method Program Pack in advance

  • Constant, unlimited guidance and reassurance from our Recovery Specialists

  • A mine of resources, tools and guidance to use on the day and for up to one year after the event.

  • Membership of our online portal delivering a host of materials and resources, support and guidance for anxiety recovery and going forward into life anxiety free

Some recent reviews

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! Beautiful location, venue, food and people. If you are in doubt let me tell you so was I! Go for it! Take Action! You won't regret it  Susan from Sutton Coldfield

Attending the 2 day Workshop was the best thing I have ever signed up for. I am going to leave here with a new vision and purpose and total confidence that I will be anxiety free! Harri from Slough

Extremely useful and supportive. Anyone thinking of giving it a go should stop thinking and act! David from Cornwall

The Workshop was of great benefit to my Daughter and on that basis, I decided to attend myself. I have found the Workshop to be stimulating and a real process to overcome anxiety and build confidence - it will work. Simon from Lancashire

After visiting every health practitioner available to me and reading most self help books. I can honestly say having Jenny deliver and explain all about "IT" I am armed with the tools to begin an anxiety free life! Emma from London

The program

Charles Linden's Program Specialists will walk you through the steps of recovery as they have done many times before with tens of thousands of sufferers around the world.

Our Anxiety Workshop program works because it creates the changes made in the subconscious mind that have to be made in order to experience recovery.

There is only one cause of anxiety conditions in humans and therefore, only one cure; and it's the exact same process that every recovered sufferer has had to follow... there is no other solution. All we do is show you how you can, in effect, 'short cut' that process.

Over the last 24 years, we have shown well over 320,000 clients worldwide how to recover completely with permanent results; How to become anxiety free in days.

During the program,

our psychologist Jenny Saunders MSc, will provide you with every comfort. 

"For many years now, I have been dreaming of creating a workshop program of recovery for sufferers which would provide a short, simple, but powerful, curative process.

When I see clients face to face, they usually experience a profound shift in their anxiety levels, often leaving feeling anxiety free or at least, well on the way to full recovery.

In 2 hours, I have cured OCD, panic attacks, agoraphobia and generalised anxiety with permanent results.

I have often thought about the dramatic turn around we could provide if we could have access to sufferers for a longer period of time in a gentle but seamless program of recovery that ensures dramatic results... it was a dream but, my dream has come true in the form of these residential Workshop and Retreat programs."

Charles Linden

Anxiety specialists will be available throughout the Anxiety Recovery Workshop program should anyone wish to ask questions at any time. Time is always made for delicate issues to be addressed in private.

Other specialists, who will contribute to the retreat program, will also be available throughout the day to attend to any specific questions.


The Science of The Anxiety Recovery Workshop Program

This process works because it undoes those changes in the subconscious mind, through simple techniques, that caused your high anxiety condition to develop.

There are no drugs, no hypnosis or invasive treatments involved in our workshops, just simple to implement routines that work every single time, without exception.

Children from age 7 have done this program with ease.

Endorsements and testimonials for our programs come in thick and fast, but what Charles Linden has always strived for is recognition for developing a new branch of anxiety disorder therapy.

Our exit survey during our Workshop programs rate immediate benefits at above 95% consistently, so we know that we 'hit the mark' every time.


"Charles, You have been sooooo great! 

My life has done a 180 since i started your method!"



The Anxiety & Panic Attacks Workshop Program Structure

The anxiety Workshop Program is different to the Retreat Program in that it provides a guided supported "Fast Track' to The Linden Method program and the anxiety recovery process.

We will talk you through every aspect of the program focusing on the most vital aspects of the program and talking you through how best to implement them for fasting and lasting results.

A lot can be achieved in a day, in fact, with one to one treatment, Charles has shown many times, that total anxiety recovery is achievable and many workshop guests have been cured within a day.

You will NEVER be asked to do anything that causes you to become more anxious and you will be able to withdraw and seek qualified advice at any time during the presentations, workshops or any activities.


Support & Guidance At All Times

Your recovery is vitally important to us and we will do everything we can to support you and guide your compliance to maximise the results you experience. 

You will be guided and nurtured to recovery.

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