Our OCD Retreat with Charles Linden

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What is OCD?

OCD is commonly thought to be a separate disorder to high anxiety conditions such as GAD, agoraphobia, panic disorder and PTSD, but it is not.

OCD arises when the ‘what if thoughts’ activated during the anxiety response ‘latch’ on to a specific thought or behaviour.

The anxiety response activates these ‘what if thoughts’ which utilise the sensory organs (eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin) to gather data about any potential risks in your environment. In anxiety conditions, no external risk is found. Your senses detect your anxiety symptoms… the thoughts and sensations you experience as a result of high anxiety and it is THESE that your brain decides are the risk.

The ‘what if’ risk assessment thoughts, associated with this response, latch onto a thought, an activity or even words, sounds, number or people, for example and make them the focus of your anxiety.

SO, to use a common OCD behaviour as an example; washing your hands, which is sensible after using the toilet for example, suddenly becomes ‘what IF I don’t wash my hands?’… your creative intellect, fueled by your high anxiety, then takes that thought and embellishes it, anxiety builds and suddenly you are having to wash your hands over and over in order to prevent the thoughts and sensations of anxiety that arise if you don’t!

The same is true of mind games using words, numbers or music, of any ordering behaviors or obsessive thoughts and worries you experience.

We have shown, many, many thousands of times, without any doubt at all, that OCD, like any high anxiety condition, is eliminated if you remove the anxiety that fuels them. OCD clients have been cured in under a day! Sufferers have stopped all of their obsessive compulsive behaviour in hours because they have implemented a technique that mimics the body’s natural anxiety reduction mechanism and have FORCED the anxiety control centre in the brain to reset their anxiety back down to normal. The OCD switches OFF.

There is no other cure for anxiety and OCD… this process has to happen in the brain to eliminate the condition, in the same way as the only way to breath is to open your mouth and fill your lungs… there is no shortcut.

The Programme

Our OCD retreat programme is held at The Elms over one day and one night.

Having helped tens of thousands of people with OCD over the last 12 years, we recognise that sufferers' experience of the condition can vary dramatically from inappropriate thoughts to multiple obsessions and compulsions. We, therefore, provide a comfortable environment, conducive to recovery and sympathetic to the varying symptoms and behaviours sufferers experience.

We know how to eliminate OCD and high anxiety and our methods are simple and powerful, with proven, curative and permanent results. Charles, as an ex OCD sufferer, not only knows how you are feeling, but knows, from experience, exactly what you need to do to become OCD and anxiety free; all you have to do is follow his lead.

"If you have OCD and you want to finally do something about it, attending my OCD retreat will show you how you can quickly and simply remove your underlying anxiety and stop the thoughts and/or compulsions you experience."
Charles Linden

You will arrive at lunch time, greeted by Charles Linden. From this moment on, you will be in the company of Charles until after your evening meal. Charles will stay with you at the retreat overnight and continue with the programme the following day, assisted by psychologist Jenny Saunders. You will also receive confidential one-to-one time with Charles.

You will receive free Linden Method membership and access to all of the Linden Method material in preparation prior to your arrival.

You will receive an evening meal, all refreshments and lunch during the retreat.

At 4.30 pm on day two, Charles will conclude this part of the programme. If you wish to stay at The Elms, this can be arranged at an additional, but reduced, cost.

You may bring a guest to the retreat who can enjoy the spa whilst you attend the OCD retreat programme with Charles.


You will receive 3 weekly follow up sessions by phone with Charles. The first of these will be arranged and timetabled with Charles on day 2.


If you wish to enquire about the OCD retreat dates and costs. Please complete and send the form below OR call Beth Linden on 01562 732078