The Linden Method

What is The Linden Method and why has it become the most utlized anxiety recovery supported self help program in the world?

The Linden Method program is a unique and dedicated anxiety disorder recovery program.

The Linden Method was developed by Charles Linden and is administered by Linden Method Specialists who are qualified psychotherapists, psychologists and Linden Method Specialists trained to produce curative results in the fastest possible time in everyone who does it.

The Linden Method conforms to accepted psychotherapeutic practice and is a form of supported self help which is recommended by NICE as a curative treatment option for anxety disorder sufferers.

Since 1997 The Linden Method program has been used by over 150,000 anxiety sufferers around the world and is referred to by psychologists and medics.

The Linden Method programs are endorsed by doctors and medics from around the world and the list of cured sufferers and famous faces that support and recommend the programs grows exponentially.

The Linden Method uses a multi-facetted supported self-help structure to produce fast and simple results in every person who complies to a program structure that 7 year old children do with ease.

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