The Linden Method Psycho-educational Recovery Therapy

What is The Linden Method and why has it become the most effective anxiety recovery program in the world?

The Linden Method program is a unique and dedicated anxiety disorder recovery program.

Linden Method Science

The Linden Method's core science is founded on simple neurology, physiology and psychophysiology and utilises psycho-education (the process we all go through to learn everything we know), in order to simply and quickly reset emotional balance.

The Linden Method was developed by Charles Linden and is administered by Linden Method Specialists who are qualified psychotherapists, psychologists  trained to produce curative results in the fastest possible time.

How effective is it?

The government's National Health System (NHS) in the UK specified testing of the efficacy of The Linden Method and the outcomes provided evidence which proves that this process is at least 900% more effective than talking therapies, medication and other therapies.

OUTCOMES - Reduction from 18.24 out of 21 to 2.84 out of 21. From chronic to cured. Testing used GAD7 which is the industry standard for grading anxiety conditions.

Why? Because it utilises the correct science. The process was developed by evolution and guaranteed by human biology.

The Linden Method conforms to accepted psychotherapeutic practice as recommended by NICE as a curative treatment option for anxety disorder sufferers.

The Linden Method falls within the NHS Stepped Care model.

Since 1997 The Linden Method program has been used by over 277,000 anxiety sufferers around the world and is referred to by psychologists and medics, clinics, the NHS and businesses. We are consultants to many actors, performers, film and TV studios, politicians and more because they know we produce fast and permanent results.

The Linden Method uses a multi-facetted supportive structure to produce fast and simple results in every person who complies.  

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